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It's Summer - Why Not Make Some Ice Cream!

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Let's take a break from thinking about everything going on out there, and MAKE our own ice cream at home! You can have a stay at home Ice Cream Party! There are many wonderful recipes in which you do NOT need to have a machine to churn your homemade ice cream--you just either freeze it in a container, or use a frozen bowl like Zoku (which I use) to make ice cream instantly! With all the stay-at-home-orders out there, it pays to be able to create your OWN fun food at home! I'm currently on a mission to recreate flavors I like from different ice cream parlors, so I can have them whenever I like! Flavors such as Malted Milk Ball, Cookies and Cream, Pralines and Cream, and Caramel Turtle Truffle. With a basic vanilla ice cream recipe, you can add just about anything to it to make new flavors. If you have a Zoku bowl, it encourages putting "mix-ins" in when scraping down the sides to make the ice cream thick (such as cookies, chocolate chips, fruit pieces, candies, sprinkles, etc!). I have added peppermint hot cocoa mix by Ghirardelli to vanilla ice cream, I have added pudding flavors such as cookies and cream to vanilla ice cream, and I'm about to try out praline covered pecans in vanilla ice cream, adding dulce de leche and a caramel syrup swirl to copy a Pralines and Cream flavor that's out there at one ice cream shop! I got a very good recipe for no churn vanilla ice cream from which can just be doubled, and I have another favorite recipe for No-Churn Coffee-Caramel Crunch Ice Cream from the magazine by Food Network which I'm sharing below!

Why not have your own ice cream sundae party at your house with making new flavors, then having tons of toppings such as whipped cream, syrups, sprinkles, chips in all flavors (chocolate, caramel, butterscotch) and candies--make your OWN ice cream shop right in your own house! Ice cream seems to taste better when you make it yourself, at home with your own fresh ingredients...and best of all--having it again another night (leftovers of ice cream!).

When you're done having a break with ice cream, check out my website if you need someone to help your special needs child either catch up this summer, or stay ahead during online schooling next year! FREE 1HR CONSULTATION/TALK WITH PAULA to figure out how you should go forward into the next school year!

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