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What Do You Want for Your Special Needs Child This Year--and How Do You Get There?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

What Do You Want For Your Special Needs Child This Year—and How Do You Get There?

Is it academic improvement you're looking for? Is it something else such as helping your child make friends or get along with others better, or get along better (compliance) within your home? Maybe you have an older (adult) special needs child and you're wondering how to help him/her become more independent, either socially or physically (being able to get and keep a job, living on his/her own either in a group home or with friends, etc). Where do you start to find the help you need for your child?

You can start right here, by having a FREE 1hr chat with me, Special Needs Tutor Paula, Behavior Analyst, to help you figure out which direction to go in next to help your child.

I'm both a tutor and a behavioral therapist of special needs individuals, recently certified as a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) with combined 25yrs experience. I'm also the mother of my own ASD/ADD/ODD teen who just turned 18 (graduates HS this year), whom I helped progress from lower functioning (he did not look at us, chew, walk, talk until 6yrs old, or interact when younger) to being a young man who used to bike himself back and forth to typical HS every day (pre-pandemic) and who now has friends, a girlfriend--and even the IEP team remarks you cannot tell that he has special needs, he's come so far! I owe my career to my son, as there was no insurance coverage of ABA when he was younger--I had to learn how to help him with guidance from parent trainers/my own research, and it led to me becoming both a tutor of special needs and a behavioral therapist (now a behavioral analyst), with a passion to help other families figure out how to best meet their child's particular needs.

Would you like help with your situation--even just some advice as to what direction to go in next? Talk to someone who knows what you're going through--schedule a FREE 1hr TALK with me about your son or daughter's situation. I'd like to hear your goals, concerns, and what you would like to find help with for keeping your child moving steadily forward on his/her growth path. In addition to having 25yrs experience tutoring special needs individuals aged preK through adult, I have over 4 years behavioral experience, working 1:1 with special needs children but also almost a year's experience working with adult special needs individuals in group residential homes, working behaviorally with autism, Down Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, ODD, schizophrenia, deaf, mute, mentally delayed and many other disabilities. If you are looking for help on what to do next, contact me to have a FREE 1hr TALK! For more information about services I offer, visit my website at

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