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Here's What People Think About Paula:

"My daughter has a hard time with math and money--repetition is the key with her to grasp math concepts.  Paula is working on money with her.  Paula is an 'out of the box' thinker and is using the US Quarters map so that my daughter can see and feel and be very familiar with quarters.  They also played money games together online to make it fun.  Now she can identify quarters and the value of them.


Paula is also working on English--reading comprehension/writing with her.  Paula took the time to find out what my daughter enjoys, what her hobbies are, so that the reading material she chose was of high interest.  She is reading with Paula the middle school series, The Cupcake Diaries (my daughter loves to bake) and I observe her being extremely engaged--she's laughing and giggling and enjoying the story, all while practicing her reading and comprehension skills.


Paula is very engaging, motivating and fun for my daughter to work with.  My daughter always wants to know when the next tutoring session will be with Paula!  Paula is detailed and wants to understand her student's current abilities, interests and motivators in order to achieve the most growth."

Nori, Mother of middle schooler with Down Syndrome

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"I was struggling with reading so I got a tutor, who was Paula.  After our time together, I feel more confident with reading and I am able to understand what I am reading better.  I would recommend Paula for a tutor--she was great and helpful."

Anthony, Adult with ADD

We just completed a five-month, three times per week, tutoring schedule with Paula. We came looking for help for our daughter who was struggling with online school and who was unfortunately passed grade to grade without mastering her multiplication tables. We asked Paula to help her learn her times tables, and what we got was a child who went from maybe a 30% in math at the first semester to Bs and grade level passing of the standardized tests at the end of the school year. Paula moved my daughter to division after multiplication and now my daughter feels confident in both. Thank you Paula, so much for your time and patience with our daughter. Highly recommend Paula, she really tries to connect and find the best way your child will be able to learn. Thank you, Rebecca, Mother of Middle Schooler

"Paula has worked with my 14-yr-old son who has autism both recently and when he was younger, just learning to read. My son was in remedial English all last year, but the lessons and learning almost completely stopped in March due to COVID19.  I asked Paula to help get him ready for a typical high school English class.  My son had a lot of spelling and grammar issues, did not understand some of the assignments, and was only writing 3 sentences when the assignment called for 5 paragraphs. 


Paula made it fun for my son by gearing her work with him towards subjects that he enjoys.  She knows how to draw on his enthusiasm and encourages him to write longer essays, taught him how to edit his work to contain fewer errors, and also helped him learn to make inferences from what he was reading.  

Paula is an excellent tutor and a very positive, encouraging person.  She gives me regular updates on their work and how well my son is doing.  She is very easy to work with and puts in hours of preparation for his sessions---I very highly recommend Paula!"

Melissa, Mother of student with ASD/ADHD

Three months ago, we selected Paula as our son’s tutor. Our adult son is on the autism spectrum and struggles with making inferences and reading comprehension. These challenges spill over into his ability to participate in conversations, enjoy movies, and understand the subtleties in the world around him. Our son really enjoys Paula’s upbeat personality and positive approach. We were quite impressed with her ability to quickly understand his challenges and propose solutions in approaching his tutoring. She is willing to look at approaches that are not typical or standard but absolutely work with the way our son learns. We credit this to her being the parent of a young man also on the spectrum. In my opinion, her insights can only come from someone who is a parent of a special needs child and truly understands their challenges. Our son really enjoys his lessons with Paula and there has been a definite shift in his awareness of how he is processing information in his daily interactions. He looks for deeper meaning in everything which has been a wonderful change. We were originally looking for a tutor to help our son with reading comprehension but in Paula, have found someone who is making a positive impact in other areas in his life as well as helping him enjoy a good book. We highly recommend Paula!

Phil, Father of 36yr old Son with Autism

I learned so much from you and now I approach situations differently and with more confidence.

The other day, my son had a major meltdown while we were out on our walk. I immediately started to do the ABCs [of behavior causes] in my head. He was fine walking, but he has to walk at his own pace and touch certain plants on his walk and when I tried to move him along faster, he flipped out. I tried moving him back to where we had started but then he sat down in the street crying. I had to carry him home. I realized he was so tired and sensorily overwhelmed from his long school day, and he fell asleep right when we got home. I knew how to look at the situation and figure out the reasons for his behavior so I could help us both in the moment.  You have really helped me more than you know.  

Mom of young child with ASD, after receiving ABA therapy from Paula in the form of Parent Training

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