What subjects do you teach/What help do you offer?

I teach all elementary level subjects from preK to 6th grade: reading, reading comprehension, phonics, language arts, writing/composition, math, science and social studies/history.  I also teach writing (papers/theses) editing, ESL, understanding inferences for middle schoolers up through adulthood.  I have taught adults to learn to read and adults with autism how to understand inferences including the "deeper meaning" of what someone is saying.  I can also plan out curriculum for homeschooling parents and guide them on the best ways to make learning easy and fun.  I homeschooled my own son (ASD/ADD/ODD) for 5th grade and spent over 2 years helping a mother homeschool her 2 ASD children.  Both Online Special Needs Tutoring and In-Home (when COVID case #s are low in the area).  Click Here to find out how I keep your child engaged while online with me!

I also offer Behavioral Help (Behavioral Therapy, Parent Training, or Social Skills). 

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Is there a set program you follow for tutoring?

Nope!  I'm different from other tutors because I spend a lot of time before each session individualizing the lesson to address the needs and learning style of that my students.  Many tutors/centers have "one size fits all" ways of teaching which cuts down on the time these tutors spend outside of session creating lessons--but this has been proven not to work very well with our very diverse, different-minded special needs kids.  One must take the extra time outside of session to truly personalize each lesson to the student in order to keep that student moving steadily forward on his/her learning path. I also take extra time to find out what my student likes and include that into the lessons to make sure there is motivation to learn!  Ex: I wrote a book specifically for a 13yr old who could not read even basic words, containing not just words she had successfully sounded out with me (her personal sight words) but also a story I wrote with pics of my own dogs, because she loved dogs and we had shared our pets with each other online!  I am also constantly reassessing during every session and will change assignments or programs of learning from one session to the next to adjust to the progress of each particular student. So--no cookie cutter, "one size fits all" learning tracks or programs when I tutor a student--every child is an individual who deserves to have an education individualized for him or her!

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How will my child be able to focus with you for an online session?

I will be individualizing the session to your child's particular needs, so I will be able to keep your child engaged, and also excite him or her about learning!  I have boundless energy that comes across both in-person and online--I'm fun, bouncy, and my enthusiasm about learning is contagious!  I will do what I would if I were there in-person with your child--stop and take breaks as much as every 15-20 minutes depending on the child's needs--and we'll both stand up, jump up and down, stretch, and more!  I've been very effective at helping both tutoring clients and behavioral clients online--WHY am I better at online special needs tutoring than the online schools?  Click Here to find out more!


Besides online tutoring, do you tutor in person?

YES!  However, due to the constantly fluctuating health situation in our area, and availability/distance, please ask/check with me for availability to do in-home and note what you prefer when filling out the contact form

(In-home tutoring available only when COVID case #s are very low within our county)


What is your availability?

I am on the west coast in Pacific Time and available 9am - 9pm Monday - Friday with many hours of availability on Saturdays as well (contact me for specific availability).  I currently do online special needs tutoring of students living in other US time zones.

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What are your rates?

Why consider me to help you?  How many other people have:

(1)  25 years experience tutoring special needs individuals from preK-adult, PLUS

(2)  many years experience working as a behavioral therapist with special needs individuals ages 2 - 72, now with BCBA certification, AND

(3)  the invaluable personal experience of raising their OWN special needs kid (with autism/ADD/ODD)??? 

It's 3 different types of unique experiences in ONE tutor--ME!  It's this "3-in-1" that places me above other tutors/behavior analysts out there because I not only know how to behaviorally handle and engage your child in learning and growing, I can also understand what you're going through as the parent as well! 

This makes me a "well rounded" tutor/behavior analyst, and why I can call myself confidently the

"Special Needs Tutor Paula, Behavior Analyst."


How do I get started?


For TUTORING, we will discuss your child's needs, the best way your child learns, and I will give you tips on how to help him/her that you can use right away! 

For BEHAVIORAL HELP, I will ask about what you've been going through behaviorally with your child, what you've tried/what has worked/what has not worked, and start to formulate a plan with you for moving forward.

Let's start a conversation about how your child CAN learn and move ahead, and create a plan for individualized growth that will lead to success!  Click HERE or on the button below, or you can TEXT ME or EMAIL ME at the contact info listed below.  I look forward to hearing from you!