Special Needs Tutor Paula,

Behavior Analyst

Helping conquer learning & behavioral difficulties due to:

Autism, ADHD, ADD, ODD, Down Syndrome, mood disorders, & other disabilities/learning delays

Special Needs Tutoring, Behavioral Help, Parent Training, Social Skills

What's your biggest concern right now about your special needs child?

Has your child fallen behind academically?

Have behaviors gotten hard to handle?

Are you concerned about your child socially?

Are you concerned about next school year maybe academically, behaviorally, and socially, coming out of our past school year of hybrid schooling, online schooling, homeschooling or no schooling at all?

I'm more than a special needs tutor and behavior therapist/analyst with 25yrs experience -
I'm also mom of my own child with special needs

How I can help you?
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Talk to me and together we'll figure it out!

I'm mom to my own special needs child,

Just like you...

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What can you do for your child during this time of online schooling and relaxed IEP accommodations?


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