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How to Know Your Special Needs Child's Rights During COVID19 Hybrid or Online Schooling

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

I gave away my own copy of this book to parents who needed it so many times, I lost count! From Emotions to Advocacy, by Pam Wright and Pete Wright, is THE manual for knowing what your special needs child's rights are within the school system and how to approach the people in charge in order to get those rights enforced. In these times of online schooling, the IEP and its stated accommodations seem to have gone out the window--but they don't have to--YOU have the power and the right to negotiate with your school district to get the support you need which is outlined in your IEP--a contract which cannot be broken unless there is another meeting to agree to change it. So if you're feeling that your IEP for your child has been ignored, or you're getting the brush-off from the school--please know YOU HAVE RIGHTS. This book is your first step to understanding those rights, and what to do with them (before going to a lawyer). It helps you become a better advocate for your child. It even lists the law (IDEA--Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) and explains what your child's rights are under all special education acts and laws which have been passed. Their website also includes many articles and resources to help you proceed in making sure your school district knows, breaking your IEP contract is illegal and can be enforced by law: I highly recommend you reading this book to arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to combat your school district and get the support you and your child need and are possibly entitled to due to his/her IEP contract in place.

If you're feeling stressed over how to make sure your child stays up to date in his/her learning during this time, or if your child needs more help than you can provide at home, think about hiring a tutor (like me! who can help build the confidence your child needs in order to soar ahead on his/her academic path! I have almost 25 years experience tutoring both typical and special needs individuals (preK through adulthood) and 4 years experience working as a behavioral therapist (and I also have a continuing ed certification in Applied Behavioral Analysis and in Nov. 2020 became a BCBA meaning I can now offer behavioral services/help as well as tutoring). I can help you keep your child moving steadily forward on his/her learning path, while offering support to you whether you are doing online schooling again, or full-on homeschooling and need advice/homeschooling help. I offer a FREE 1hr consultation to talk with me about your situation and your child. Don't wait to get the help and support you need--SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE 1HR CONSULTATION TO FIND OUT MORE!

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