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Travel the World With Your Special Needs Child--Virtually!

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Whether you're homeschooling or online schooling, or have a special needs child who cannot travel, not many of us are able to go out to do field trips anymore due to COVID19 restrictions/closures, so why not travel the world (and beyond!) virtually? Many museums, zoos, foundations and other sites across the world have now set up virtual "tours" of their premises--here is a link to an article in Pennyhoarder that includes places such as The MET in NYC (Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art), the Natural History Museum in London, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Tembe Elephant Park in South Africa, and even a trip to the MOON! Here is the link:

Besides virtually touring, did you know you can do a virtual "scavenger hunt" as well? Years ago I went on a scavenger hunt in the Museum of Natural History in NYC and it was run/organized by a friend of my former college roommate. It was so much fun to do (and challenging too) that I did a few other ones--at the Cloisters (NYC) and at the Bronx Zoo (also NY--the best and largest zoo in the world!). People are set up in teams and given clues to find "things" that are part of the museum but sometimes it's a piece of a cup (in the Natural History Museum) or something obscure like that and you have to figure out the clue, find the item, and then be the first team to finish the list in order to win! Well it's about 30 years later and that guy now has a huge scavenger hunt company doing hunts all over the US but he recently added VIRTUAL HUNTS! He has always had "scavenger hunts for kids" as well--check it out! Might just help pass the time in a more fun meaningful way--and you get to experience educational sites as well! Here is the link to Watson Adventures:

And remember--if you need someone to help your special needs child catch up in the midst of this COVID19 chaos, choose a tutor who personally knows what you're going through (I have my own special needs teen!) and has almost 25yrs experience tutoring and working behaviorally with special needs individuals:

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