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What To Do About Schooling for Your Special Needs Child???

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

SOOO many unanswered questions during this COVID19 situation, such as will schools REALLY go back in fall OR will we still be doing online learning? How can I get through another time of online schooling without IEP accommodations or real help from the school? Would you like to get some answers now, get control back of your life amidst this coronavirus situation, and feel assured your child IS learning and back on his or her academic track and moving FORWARD? TALK to someone who can help you figure out what to do next, even if we don't have all the answers from schools yet. WEIGH ALL YOUR OPTIONS with someone who has also had to stop abruptly and homeschool her special needs child completely 24/7 on the spot and knows how to help you navigate these waters. I'm offering a ONE HOUR FREE CONSULTATION to discuss ALL your needs, issues, problems with the schooling situation and help you figure out HOW TO MOVE FORWARD. YOU CAN MAKE DECISIONS AND YOU CAN START TO GET THE HELP YOUR CHILD NEEDS RIGHT NOW. I'm the Special Needs Tutor Paula, ( and I've been tutoring for over 20 years, plus I have almost 4 years experience working as a behavioral therapist to special needs individuals ranging in age from 4 to 73 years old! I have a BA in English, allowing me to teach language arts/reading/writing from prek through adulthood and a Masters in Elementary Education, plus an additional 2 years continuing ed certification in Applied Behavioral Analysis. I'm also the mom to my own child (a teen now) with high functioning autism/ADD/ODD whom I've had to help along his academic path by homeschooling him in the middle of his 5th grade year when the school was not able to support or handle his needs. I've been there--I've done it--and now I'd like to offer to help you do it too by either tutoring your child online and/or helping you set up your own homeschooling regime. I also have experience dealing with the school district to get what's needed for my special needs child and I can help you figure it out for your child too! YOU CAN GET THROUGH THIS--YOU CAN TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK/GAIN CONTROL, by starting with a ONE HOUR FREE CONSULTATION with myself, the !

I look forward to helping you and your child move forward!

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