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How Can I Keep Your Special Needs Child Engaged Online?

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

How can a private tutor like myself keep your child engaged online, when your school could not? First of all, online or in person--tutoring is INDIVIDUALIZED to the student, whereas schooling (especially "one size fits all" schooling online your school might have tried) is not taking into consideration your child's needs, nor his accommodations he is entitled to due to his IEP, nor his specific interests. I have been able to get a middle schooler to write several 5-paragraph essays for me when all he wrote for his online English schoolteacher was 4 sentences! How/why? Because I gave him assignments based on things he was interested in, or books he wanted to read, such as the Harry Potter series. Once the skills are built, then they can be transferred over to other "not as interesting" topics. Also, with online schooling sometimes there's too much going on at once online with the way schools have set it up--some special needs children cannot look at all the faces at the same time on a screen because this is different sensory input than seeing them in person, or cannot engage in back and forth conversations with that many students online. Again, with an online tutor, it's ONE ON ONE and I can change instantly what I'm doing to meet the student's needs, unlike a teacher with an online classroom who cannot meet any individual needs during online schooling. This is how the IEP accommodations have gone out the window, as some children had aides and now it's just mom trying to get him/her to do another non-interesting task at home. Finally--I'M MORE FUN online than most teachers/tutors--I have a large amount of energy and enthusiasm that makes me come across very well and entertaining on screen! I also work as a behavioral therapist and I've been able to engage several very young non-verbal special needs children online with my energy and fun things such as popping up and down off camera, zooming in really close to my face as I make a face, and as you can see above--wearing Mickey ears to sessions! Your child will actually WANT to come to session online with me, as opposed to online schooling, which is great because as long as you have a child's interest and attention, you can then guide that child in learning anything you want to teach--even while teaching online. I've had the personal satisfaction of seeing behavioral clients reach goals and tutoring students learn faster than they had been learning before seeing me online! Want to know if online tutoring is right for your child? Sign up for a ONE HOUR FREE CONSULTATION with me at to talk about where your child is at, where you'd like him/her to be at, and how we can get your child on a path of loving learning and moving forward on a fun and rewarding educational path! This is my passion--to help special needs individuals and families move forward and thrive.

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