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Why You Need a Specialized Tutor for Your Special Needs Child

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

First--WHY does online schooling not work for your special needs child?

Because your child needs more one-on-one attention than others in order to keep him/her on a steady track of learning, which most online schools do not provide.

Usually, the IEP ensures that individualized attention (one-on-one) happens. When your child was at physical school, per the IEP in place, he/she might have gotten speech therapy, which is usually 1-1 or small group, or OT which is usually 1-1 or small group, or went to the Resource Room where a teacher usually walks around giving each student one-on-one help. Or perhaps your child had an aide who facilitated him/her not just behaviorally, but also acted at times as a 1-1 educational tutor when your child needed academic help. With your school's online programming, the individualized accommodations of the IEP went out the window in favor of "one size fits all" online education, foregoing ANY one-on-one attention.

SO, as many schools have had to go virtual once again, what can you do to keep your child on his/her learning track??

Hire a specialized tutor who will work one-on-one with your child, engaging by creating assignments around his/her interests and by being able to modify lessons on the spot based on your child's personal educational and behavioral needs that day. You need someone like me--the Special Needs Tutor Paula (

Why? Because I am also the mother of my own ASD/ADD/ODD teen whom I've had to homeschool unexpectedly, so I get what you're going through--I've been through it as well! I also have over 20 years experience tutoring special needs individuals and 4 years experience working as a behavioral therapist (and a continuing ed certification in Applied Behavioral Analysis). I can keep your child moving steadily forward on his/her learning path, no matter what the schools are doing, while offering support to you whether you are doing online schooling again, or full-on homeschooling and need advice/homeschooling help (I offer homeschooling consultations on an as needed or continuous basis). FREE 1hr consultation is offered right now to talk with me about your situation and your child!

So HOW would I be able to help your child learn with me online when your school could not? Three reasons:

1. I'm giving your child the one-on-one individualized attention that's been lacking since schools went online,

2. Because I'm with just YOUR child online, not a class of students, so I can (and do) change my lesson plans on the spot sometimes to meet your child's needs, either academically or behaviorally, for that day.

3. I'm WAY more fun online than your child's school teachers were! I have an exuberant personality with an energy that comes across very well online--I wear Mickey Ears and jump up and down with students, and have them write on the screen with me whenever possible and let them be interactive! Most of my students don't want lessons to end and ask when they are seeing me next! I make the lessons go around the child's interests whenever possible, so a child WANTS to do the assignments and to participate because we're doing an essay on Harry Potter (for example), his favorite book!

Don't let the experience of the cookie cutter "one size fits all" online schooling spoil your view of the wonderful world of one-on-one individualized learning that takes place when a specialized tutor is doing the teaching! SIGN UP FOR A FREE 1HR CONSULTATION TO FIND OUT MORE!

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