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I'm Proud of You...Be Proud of Yourself Too!

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

I'm proud of you--be proud of yourself too...for making it through the past 3 months (in some states) being at home 24/7 with your special needs child. For some of you, this also meant being home with other children as well plus a spouse--with minimal breaks. BE PROUD OF YOURSELF--I'M PROUD OF YOU for making it through such a difficult time. I know we don't have any guarantees about the fall or schools going back full time, however--put that aside for now--and go take a break if you can--because YOU'VE EARNED IT. One of the saddest realities of being the parent of a special needs child is that you are very much alone sometimes on this journey--other parents do not understand what you are going through, your family may not understand what you are going through, and sometimes you even question yourself for feeling sad, defeated, frustrated or just plain angry for what you have to go through--but it's ALL NORMAL--so give yourself a break. Love yourself for what you can give and treat yourself as you would your own child--with loving care. Because as we all know, if we don't take care of ourselves and "put on the oxygen mask first," we'll be no good to anyone. These past few months have challenged us and pushed us to limits perhaps some of us have never known--but YOU MADE IT TO SUMMER, online schooling is over now--so congratulate yourself for just being able to survive it all!!! And please are NOT alone in this, there are many who are struggling just like you. Join a support group or another such group--there are many out there, filled with moms just like you and I--all trying to get by, help their child, and still stay sane. LOVE YOURSELF/BE PROUD OF YOURSELF...and take care of yourself, because you are worth it.

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