• Paula Migliaccio

Books Books Books...but which are worth the time to read???

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

You know it--as parents of special needs kids we have "extra work" on top of the regular mom duties--and as such we're tired, worn out, sometimes down--who has time to read books about how to help your child?! I completely understand--however, there were some books that were SO helpful to me when my child was first diagnosed, I would say it was worth the time and effort to read them (and bookmark and tab and underline in them!). I'm sure you all have books that you KNOW ARE worth the precious time we have to make to read them--because the ideas or methods MADE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR CHILD'S LIFE or yours when you applied them. Below are just a few of those "precious nuggets" that were worth my time reading when I was looking for answers--why don't you also share some books YOU liked/thought were worth taking the time to read too?

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