Special Needs Tutor Paula, Behavior Analyst

Paula Migliaccio

25 yrs experience

Masters Elementary Ed

BA English/Writing/Editing


PEERS (R) Young Adult & Telehealth Social Skills Certified Provider

Hi! I'm a mom just like you...

I have a wonderful son, who also happens to have Autism, ADD and ODD...

Funny story about the lovely pic there - looks like we're happy, meanwhile just a half hour later I was dragging my son in full meltdown mode out from the back of Disneyland, needing to cross the water from Tom Sawyer Island to the other side and make our way through scores of people to the front of the park - him screaming the entire way because he could not spend all day turning the turnstile round and I said, I'M A MOM JUST LIKE YOU...and while my son is now 18, that was him at age 6--anxious, perseverative, oppositional, unable to focus, and constantly having meltdowns. 


Sound familiar???  My son received, since age 1, occupational therapy, speech therapy, feeding therapy, physical therapy, special ed, and parent training (for me).  He did not talk until 5 and then he just had echolalia for almost two straight years (repeating everything we said).  He did not look at me since birth, nor call my name, he could not grasp things, could not walk, not talk or gesture--but if you met him now, you would never know it! He seems like a regular teen and bikes himself back and forth 20 minutes each way every day to typical HS which he attends without an aide, in a HS Engineering Academy, aiming for college!  I was a teacher/tutor before I had him, but my Masters in ELED did not prepare me for real life with a special needs child!  Parent trainers taught me well--behavior therapy was not paid for back then by insurance so I had to learn to help him on my own--and I had a library of books on how to help my son before I even went back to school to earn a continuing ed certification in Applied Behavioral Analysis, worked 5yrs as a behavioral therapist/supervisor, and recently became a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst, in Nov 2020).


Along the way, I've been tutoring special needs children so I now have over 20 years experience, including homeschooling my own son one year when he crashed out of 5th grade.  I also have 5yrs experience as a behavioral therapist and now have my BCBA so I can do behavioral therapy including parent training, 1:1 Ethical ABA, and social skills, and I have worked with ages 2 up to 72 (in residential group homes).  I'm especially great working with ADHD children--I taught one 6yr old to read while we were jumping up and down together, and I taught a 3rd grader the times tables as he scootered around a table!  I seem to be able to work with children other teachers/therapists cannot--and I LOVE IT! I understand completely that children learn in different ways--and that it IS possible for a child to learn while bouncing, jumping, scootering (etc!).  However that child needs to be in order to learn is AOK with me...and because the child feels 100% accepted, CONFIDENCE GROWS, and LEARNING TAKES OFF!!!  It is my passion and a great privilege to be able to help not just these children, but their families too (as a parent trainer), as EVERYONE is happier when our children succeed...If you'd like to hear more, or tell me YOUR story, and let me begin to help your child...Contact me now for a FREE 1hr CONSULTATION!  

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